2nd Inspection after nearly 11,000 operating hours

After almost 11,000 operating hours in sewage gas operation, the second scheduled maintenance of the Stirling CHP unit was carried out in a municipal sewage treatment plant in Saxony in April 2017. The inspection showed that the Stirling engine is still in an impeccable condition. In addition to the usual maintenance work such as the scheduled change of seals and filters, the first oil change took place. The two cylinders with pistons were also extended for the general overhaul this time and replaced by new ones.

A further development of the manufacturer for the optimization of the combustion chamber geometry was installed as a special feature. Thanks to the simple exchange of the old mixing tube with a new version, the energy efficiency can be further increased, while at the same time reduced emissions.

In addition, with the installation of the latest control software, the process variables are now even more finely tuned. This leads into an increased operational stability and efficiency.

This means that there is nothing to prevent further continuous operation to save the basic loads on the sewage treatment plant. Except for some heat-related exceptions in the summer of 2016, the engine was permanently used. This ensured a continuous coverage of the partial demand for heat and electrical energy for the operator - an important positive contribution to the energy balance on a sewage treatment plant.

Stirling CHP has been operating continuously for over 10,000 hours

A further section was successfully completed in February 2017.

 With over 10,000 operating hours on a municipal sewage treatment plant, the Stirling engine establishes itself as a valuable source of supply for electricity and heat. On the basis of the previous monitoring and the acquired operating experience, an economical and environmentally friendly sewage gas utilization with the Cleanergy GasBox is expected during the coming operating hours.

First inspection and maintenance - Stirling engine in very good condition

After approximately 5,500 operating hours with the sewage gas from a municipal sewage treatment plant, the first scheduled maintenance of the Stirling CHP was carried out at the end of January. The inspection showed that the Stirling engine was in a very good condition and that about 500 additional operating hours could be operated without maintenance.

Important seals and filters were changed and the two cylinders with pistons for the general overhaul were expanded and replaced by new ones. An oil change was not necessary. By operating with the problematic fuel, fine siloxane was deposited in the combustion chamber. Constructively, the Stirling engine remained unaffected and thus harmless. The fine dust could easily be extracted from the bottom of the combustion chamber.

The Stirling CHP was put into a new condition by maintenance. This means that there is nothing to stop a continuous continuous operation of the basic load protection of up to 6,000 operating hours until the next inspection.

WUDAG is certified for the Cleanergy GasBox service.

Sewage gas CHP with Stirling engine running for over 5,000 hours

Positive interim balance of an innovative technology:

Over 5,000 operating hours have elapsed since the commissioning of the Stirling engine in February 2015. With an electrical rated power of about 7 kW almost as many full load hours were achieved. In total, 35,000 kWh of electricity and more than 100,000 kWh of heat could be provided for the basic load supply.

The sewage gas CHP operating in continuous operation was only reduced in summer in times of reduced heat requirements and is now facing the first scheduled inspection since commissioning. The WUDAG classifies the long trouble-free operating time as a complete success. We were able to show that the Cleanergy GasBox is the optimum heat engine in its power segment to generate electricity and heat from problematic bio- and sewage gases.