First inspection and maintenance - Stirling engine in very good condition

After approximately 5,500 operating hours with the sewage gas from a municipal sewage treatment plant, the first scheduled maintenance of the Stirling CHP was carried out at the end of January. The inspection showed that the Stirling engine was in a very good condition and that about 500 additional operating hours could be operated without maintenance.

Important seals and filters were changed and the two cylinders with pistons for the general overhaul were expanded and replaced by new ones. An oil change was not necessary. By operating with the problematic fuel, fine siloxane was deposited in the combustion chamber. Constructively, the Stirling engine remained unaffected and thus harmless. The fine dust could easily be extracted from the bottom of the combustion chamber.

The Stirling CHP was put into a new condition by maintenance. This means that there is nothing to stop a continuous continuous operation of the basic load protection of up to 6,000 operating hours until the next inspection.

WUDAG is certified for the Cleanergy GasBox service.