Demands on engineering plants have changed with the reorganisation of the energy market and the need to protect our environment. Over recent years it has become more and more important to have de-centralised and perfectly tuned plant technology to cover demands.  

Legal and financial framework conditions in Germany have been improved considerably with the EnergieEinspeiseGesetz (electricity feed law). We are a team of experienced engineers and technicians and have been working in the field of using renewable energies for several years. Our main concern is energy generation by using decentralised power generation plants.  We work together with the production company Stirling DK from Denmark and have developed the first Stirling engine operating on a methane gas base for the sewage plant Niederfrohna.

Due to its external combustion this CHP technology is especially suitable for sewage gases, biogases and landfill site gases and can also be used for low-calorific areas. We have been the partner of Stirling DK for the German market since August 2011.