Commissioning of a Stirling CHP on a municipal sewage treatment plant in Germany

Commissioning of a Stirling CHP on a municipal sewage treatment plant in Germany

A Stirling CHP System of the type GasBox 901 was successfully put in operation on a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Saxony, Germany. The Stirling engine is going to operate throughout the day and support the base load for heating and electricity in the wastewater treatment plant.

After infrastructural preparations the technical integration into the existing system could be done easily and in a short time because of clear interfaces. The engine is compact and only requires connections for fuel gas, cooling water, drinking water, electricity and exhaust air for the integration. The working gas is helium which is automatically added from a storage bottle.

The CHP System has an integrated FLOX burner. Due to the continuous and flameless oxidation outside, the engine runs with very low emissions, high maintenance intervals and low operating costs. Also an exhaust gas heat exchanger and a control system, which was easily united with the existing process control system, have been integrated.

The commissioning comprised of filling and starting the engine with the working gas and setting the CHP to the existing conditions. Especially the gas pressure and the temperature of the heating system had to be considered. Furthermore, the optimization of the engine was carried out based on the exhaust air emissions.

This Stirling CHP is the first of its kind regarding type and performance in Germany. In continuous operation the compact and modular CHP System reaches an electrical power ranging from 7 up to 9 kW and thermal power up to 25 kW. Cleanergy’s Stirling CHP can be used very flexibly and versatilely to produce electricity and heat from various low calorific bio- and sewage gases. It is ideal for self-provision and ensures continuous power generation. Due to the high tolerance of gas impurities, only a small operating and maintenance effort is required for the new Stirling CHP System.

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